The road to green hydrogen is paved with collaboration

Source: – At the atomic level, hydrogen is a deceptively simple molecule: just two protons sharing two electrons. When it comes to using that molecule as a low-carbon energy solution, things get a whole lot more complicated. Hydroge…

Hydrogen buses are on their way to Australia

by BLAKE MATICH – Governments around Australia are hustling to transition their bus fleets to cleaner fuels such as green electricity or hydrogen. Companies around the world are hustling to ready their hydrogen buses to meet the demand. In December …

215 Electric Buses for Chile

As the COVID-19 was sweeping across the world in the past two months, Foton AUV has been racing against time to make timely deliveries to its global customers.  In such a time of unprecedented difficulties and challenges, Foton AUV has shown great …

BAIC Foton to Deliver Nearly 1,000 Units Electric Buses to India for Operation

On December 20, BAIC Foton and India-based PMI Electric Transportation Solution Co., Ltd. (hereafter referred to as PMI) officially signed an agreement for set up a joint venture, which will become the general agent for Foton‚Äôs new energy buses in India….

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